Village History

A history of Shelland and the surrounding area from BBC D-Block in 1986

The general area

This block contains the western edge of the market town of Stowmarket and the small villages of Onehouse, Harleston and Shelland. The land is undulating and is crossed by the River Rattlesden. There are also areas of mixed woodland. This is an arable farming area growing mainly wheat, barley and sugar beet. In recent years many of the hedges have been removed to make the fields larger. Shelland and Harleston still remain as small agricultural villages with a few houses scattered round the greens. At Onehouse there is a great deal of new housing built over the last 15 years. New housing is also being built on the western outskirts of Stowmarket - the Chilton Hall Estate.

Shelland village and church

Shellandvillage has only 16 houses, with only 34 inhabitants. The land is mainly made up of arable and woodland.  Most of the land in Shelland is owned by the farmer at Rockylls Hall. The other farmland is owned by the farmer at New Farm. Shelland green is also owned by Rockylls Hall. It is private and no-one is allowed to walk on it. Shelland Church is one of the only churches in England to have a barrel organ which is used at Sunday services. Mr Brycesson made it around 1805. There are 3 barrels, with 12 tunes on each.  There has been a church on the site since the 1200's.The church is dedicated to Charles the Martyr. In 1916 Dr.Bussell was appointed chaplin. He bought the church and in 1936 gave it to the Church of England.

Bus services

Eastern line buses run a regular service between Stowmarket, Harleston and Stowupland. The stops in our squares though are Stowmarket High School, Stow Lodge Hospital, Onehouse Stern Drive and Harleston Green. The first bus in the morning to leave a stop is at 0712 from Stow Lodge Hospital, this goes on and arrives at Onehouse at 0715 and at Harleston at 0718. The last bus at night to go is the 1917 from Harleston which arrives at Onehouse at 1920 at Stow Lodge Hospital at 1923 and at the High School at 1925. Partridge Bus Company also runs a service in our area. It starts at Hadleigh, leaving at 0948. It then goes through Kersey, Seamer, Bildeston, Hitcham, Bretenham, Buxhall, Finborough, Onehouse and arrives at Stowmarket at 1048. Then it does the exact reverse at 1230.

1986 and now


Shelland 1841 census